Serzhik is getting better, and he needs owner!!!

Dog with a torn off paw. We need your help!
A dog with a bullet wound! The dog died

Thanks to doctors and our support Serzh has started to walk!

He does it very funny — covers very fast part of the distance and then sits and tries to catch its breath.

The doctors say that he will walk well after some time, and that Serzh is very active for his age.

We are looking for the people who would like to make its old years happy. Serzh will pay you back with all its love and gratitude, and this cost a lot.

So far our curly friend is waiting in the clinic Sirius. (prospect Karla Marxa 37), you can pay him a visit, and invite him for some delicious food or to leave some money for him.

If you would like to give Serzh a temporary or constant home please call 8913-007-3492 Natasha.

Serzh really needs a home!

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