Dog with a torn off paw. We need your help!

The miracles happen!
Serzhik is getting better, and he needs owner!!!

This morning a dog with a torn off paw was found on the territory of the technical boarding school 128 in Pervomayskiy district. A paw hold only on one piece of skin. The teachers of this school asked for help. Now the dog is in hospital, relaxing after the surgery. We need your help!

The dog was named as Tata and the second name Zephirka. Now it is in clinic Sirius. It had a strong pain shock but now its stable. After some time it will get used to walk on the three paws and would feel better. Tata-Zephirka — a young cute girl, is several months old, very open and friendly, was the same way while being in a critical state.

We would like to ask all those who are ready to help to treat a dog for financial support. Now the debt in the clinic for this dog is 2100 rubles. You can bring the money in the clinic Sirius for a client of «Rights of the animals». You can send it on the account in Yandex.Money 41001516662995, or leave in the shop «33 dogs» (shopping mall «Gorskiy», Nemirovicha-Danchenko, 142, 1 floor) or in a personal meeting, call first at 8952-925-0309. We would like to thank everybody who would like to help to this dog!

You can learn more about the activity of «Rights of the animals» in the article «Who are we? Why and for what?»

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