The miracles happen!

The big grief of the small cat! WE NEED HELP!
The case about the dog murder

So. The situation with Felicia is the following. Oleg Anatolievich had proceed osteosintez surgery. But!!!!…. he does not want us to pay for it. Says, that in the situation with this cat the surgery didnt go well as it could. I was confused for long time. Well, you can understand me — I can not jump on his neck with my thanks, such noble action from the person and the professional doctor put me in difficult position, and how to be thankful I dont know…

So we got the price for the moment for the x-rays and for the anestesia. In total 740 rubles. We collected this ammount. There were another ammounts paid. We can give it back to the sponsors or keep it to pay for care, food, facilities, etc. in Sirius, that Felicia might need meanwhile.

The most important is that Oleg Anatolievich said that the cat has a chance to walk again, but it would be clear in a couple weeks time. After the surgery the cat made its own poo, which is very important and its a little victory!

THANKS A LOT!!!! And the decision of Oleg Anatolievich would impress me long time forward. I said thanks half an hour at the doors :)))

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