Admiring the good deeds!

The big grief of the small cat! WE NEED HELP!

Admiring the good deeds!

This is good news! The 1st photo sessions were held in frame of our charitable project «Say „Cheeeeese“ and help to animals!». It was photo session of brilliant Novosibirsk photographer — Evgeniy Boiko! You can see the result, happy and send in Evgeniy’s photo session!

Violetta, Katia and their splendid cat Luna and Julia Nagikh and her charming dogs — Bublick and Dominick. were the 1st participants. Despite of bad whether Evgeniy could tune light, caught a moment and took pictures as we have Indian summer! We have earned 2500 rubles! It good result! Thanks, girls!

Evgeniy, thank you very much for your splendid job! THANK YOU! We remind to all our subscribers that you can take a part and send in photo session in group, which we opened especially for it or by phone 287-26-32. Dear photographers don’t forget to talk about yourself and about your photos.

The conditions for participation in the project:

1. You choose the photographer which you want to lead the photo session.

2. Call 287-26-32 or say about your wish in group on site

3. Negotiate a place and time.

4. Donate 700 rubles or more if you wish.

5. You will get your wonderful photos after the agreed time!


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