One day from animals defender life


A few words about the people and that is a REAL PERSON.

There is one person. He is in prison. He sends us money for several months. He sends us 300 rubles. After taxes — 261 rubles. We don’t know this man and we don’t know how he knew about us. His friends may be read this article and they will pass thanks to him. It is THANKS not for money, it is THANKS for noble act. THANK YOU!

Yesterday women have called. She asked advice. Some days ago she exchanged Staffordshire terrier on a bottle of vodka. Dog was exhausted and has a lot of abscesses. Girl helped it, but some days ago the dog didn’t let the girl in the apartment. It stood in the hall and snarled. When rescuers arrived, they suggest her to put down the dog. She asked us what she should do. She doesn’t want to put down the dog. She wants to HELP. This girl doesn’t kill dogs even after serious fault. THANK YOU!

Today Sergey from Pashino called us. He saw how dog was hit by car. Sergey said us that he can gives money for treatment. But the dog was died. He buried it near the road. They didn’t pass, they pretended they did not notice. THANK YOU!

It is doesn’t matter of money. It’s just different people who are willing to do right now. And the world is changing, it’s getting better. Just find something to do. Today. Now.

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